July 17, 2017
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July 17, 2017 bryan

More Writer’s Block: When the Brain Fog Kicks In

Photo Credit: <a href="" target="_blank">Nirzar Pangarkar</a>

Do you ever get brain fog?

I’m trying to debate whether it’s an ADHD thing or just part of my personality. I think if it’s the former, there’s medication that can help. But I’m on the medication, and it’s not helping much with this. Which means maybe it’s the latter. And if brain fog and writer’s block is part of my personality, that scares me to death.

So I’m going to attempt to be optimistic and say it’s ADHD. I don’t know how severe my case is. I’m not hyperactive. Never really was, unless I get wound up in parties, and then I can slay the crowd with funny bits. But when I’m alone at my computer staring at a blank screen I get all knotted up inside. Knowing that I SHOULD have something to say. Actually, it dissolves pretty fast from there.

Here’s how the regression shows up:

– I know I SHOULD have something to say.
– Well, I FEEL I should have something to say.
– I KINDA feel like I might have something to say.
– Wow. Maybe I DON’T really have anything interesting to say.
– Forget interesting. I have NOTHING to say.
– Geez. I’m an IDIOT!
– WHY would ANYONE listen to ANYTHING I write?
– Then I curse myself and throw my hands in the air.

That’s pretty much how brain fog plagues me.

But I’m on this blog so I’m writing! Look at THOSE there words, people! All over that white page. I am writing like a machine!

I have no topic. No real idea what I’m writing about. But dangit! I’m writing!

I fought it. And maybe I’ll write something tomorrow.