Thank you so much for your interest in my books! I am currently working on a third novel – coming 2018 – and will be posting more about it soon.

The Dreaming Highway - Read for Free on Kindle Unlimited

Seth Reynolds has fallen on rough times. A former staff minister at the end of his faith after discovering his wife’s affair with his pastor, he now teaches high school English. And he has had the same dream for more than six months.

The dream is the same each night, starting with a run along an endless stretch of road and taking him away from his first love from over a decade ago and to a strange church van.

When his estranged father dies suddenly, Seth returns to his hometown in the deep south and meets a stranded Jewish seminary dropout along the way, who accompanies him home. From there, Seth leaves on a new journey to track down clues from his dreams in hopes of finding true love or stopping it altogether. Accompanied by his new friend Rebekah, and his gay brother Silas, Seth leaves for the Western USA when they find the van from his dreams at a small Kansas City church. Here they meet Wiley, a former televangelist priest with a unique ability to predict the future…sometimes. When Wiley doesn’t go willingly, Seth and company kidnap him on an unpredictable spiritual quest across the country, where they track down clues to find the lover he never got over.

Merry Men: A Robin Hood Story - Available on Kindle and Nook

Mike Burns is a by-the-book banker who lives by his asthmatic inhaler, cuts his sandwiches the same way every day, and who never goes off the beaten path. When his small independent bank is bought out by a major regional bank, Mike is pushed to his limits after suddenly being forced into a new role of having to lay off hundreds of workers.

And then one day Mike snaps and, armed with a team of misfit employees – and a homemade hacker robot lovingly named Artoodeetoo, attempts to pull off the greatest bank heist in the history of the Pacific Northwest and rob his new boss blind.

The mission changes Mike in every way possible, and goes according to a new plan, until the group crosses paths with an disgruntled former employee with a far deadlier agenda.