Hi. I'm Bryan.

And this section is about me.

My History of Design

My introduction to web design came out of a necessity to get my music online. In 1999, I was in a band and was on task to create a website. All around me, websites were exploding with the new phenomenon of Flash and I couldn’t afford to hire a web developer, much less the expensive and cumbersome software to make it myself. Dejected, I told a friend about it. He said, “If all you need is a website, I can help you make that.”

We met one afternoon and he pulled up the first piece of software I’d ever need to create stunning new websites.

Windows Notepad.

Seriously? I wondered. Seriously, he assured. And he began to write a bunch of weird text that I had no clue how to read. Things like “a href=(url of page)” and a bunch of “< >” and “#123455”. I was clueless. Until he began to preview it out on Internet Explorer (remember Explorer?). I could see this was the code known as HTML and it changed my life forever.

Later I got to own that wonderful software like Flash and Dreamweaver and Photoshop, and eventually the wonders of WordPress and Squarespace. But I was hooked on making websites come alive.

In 2012, after spending all my time building sites for companies I worked for, I decided to begin designing for clients that I knew I could help. So I began freelancing under Thompson Media. And in 2017, after taking some time out, I am getting back in with the hope of helping people like you not only build powerful designs that are simple and easy to use no matter what device you’re on, but help you learn how to brand and market your services in the most powerful way possible.

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